The Mares 

Our lovely ladies that can teach anyone anything, they're spunky and sweet and the head gals of our lesson program! 

Prairie Wind Dancer – “Sassy”

 An all around barn favorite is Sassy! This 17 year old Saddlebred mare definitely lives up to her name, but enjoys taking some new riders out to the rail and teaching them how to walk and trot properly. She is a horse show pro and can’t wait to get out to the show ring and show off her sassy trot with her rider to earn the blue ribbon! A cool fact about Sassy, she is a half – sister to Blue; in addition, her mother Rhythm was Jennifer’s first show horse! ​

Cindy’s Night – “Nutmeg”
            Nutmeg is a 12 year old Saddlebred, she came all the way from New York to be loved and ridden by our wonderful students, and her owner Lily! Nutmeg enjoys life a little on the slower side, therefore making western her preferred discipline to do. You’ll see her jogging around the arena in full western attire, but be ready; she loves peppermints after a good lesson and loves to be curry combed! Something cool about Nutmeg is she has one of the longest tails at the barn, and the thickest; we have to wrap it in two sections so it doesn't get stepped on. Also, Nutmeg is a mommy! She's had a couple foals one of which live near Indianapolis and is just like her. Owned by Lily R and Family.

Crystal Blue – “Crystal”
            Crystal is a Saddlebred mare, and show pro at 22 years old, she came to us from a lesson and show barn in Kentucky, and she still takes riders around at shows; bringing home the blue ribbons is what she does! Her quick, fancy steps, and undoubted wit in the ring make her a wonderful horse and even better teacher. Don’t let her age think twice, she is always geared up for more! Crystal LOVES kids, and is safe for all the kiddos. She's so smart she knows the difference between her younger riders and her adult riders and caters to their needs perfectly. Owned by Colt G. and Family.

            Another barn favorite is Annie! A 16 year old Morgan mare, Annie’s calm and gentle nature makes her the most wonderful lesson horse for EVERYONE. Anyone can ride this horse along with brush her after.  A couple cool things about Annie is; she is extremely smart and can “Find the Peppermint!” in the correct hand, and Jennifer taught Annie everything she knows! 


The Geldings

Meet the men of our group! These gentlemen  range in age, but always know how to treat their riders. Their seasoned personalities and skill make them such an asset to our program!!


A new addition to our barn and lesson program is Shaq! This handsome dapple grey fits his name perfectly, being as he is one of the tallest horses in our barn. His gentle personality, quirky habits, and smooth riding make him a wonderful addition to our lesson program. Shaq is one of our horses closest to the front door, so if you see a grey nose and big brown eyes looking at you as you come into the barn tell him hello! He is our great welcoming committee.

Times Magic – “Houdini”
            Houdini, or Hou, is a 17 year old Saddlebred who is completely blind, but relies and trusts his riders to guide him through all his gaits and obstacles. Houdini is used mainly for intermediate riders and up, but can teach each rider a valuable lesson about the trusting bond between horse and rider in every lesson or camp. He’s that perfect horse who can teach a new lesson every ride!

 The Best Day Ever – “Blue"
            Blue is a 10 year old Saddlebred gelding and is a half – brother to Sassy! This lovable and quirky horse captures the attention of all with his parading steps and rocking horse like canter. When he’s not out showing off, you can find Blue goofing around in his stall with his Jolly Ball and enjoying the breeze when the barn doors are open!  This boy will be making his showing debut in the Academy division for the first time under the Four Willows banner! 


            One of the older Saddlebred geldings in our barn, Zeus came to us ready to teach riders of all ages, he used to be a gaited show horse. Primarily used for lunge lessons, and walk, trot, lessons for intermediate and up. Zeus can teach you all about balance, and proper guiding. Don’t let his size scare you! He’s a gentle giant and just loves to receive peppermint and Apple treats! He also loves to play in the arena with his buddies, Jack and Happy! 

Bold Magic – “Magic”
            An all around barn favorite, and complete sweetheart, Magic a 17 year old Saddlebred; he is seen taking his riders around the arena at a walk, trot, and canter. This little chestnut still has a lot of go in him! Magic is a horse show pro and loves being out in the big arenas to strut his stuff! He loves to give loads of kisses, and will even give out hugs. Something different about Magic, he has some of the smallest ears in the barn; aside from Copper!

Happily Ever After – “Happy"
            Happy is a 27 year old fleabitten gray Arabian, who loves to teach new riders how to ride and giving the advanced kids a good bareback riding lesson to strengthen their muscles. Happy LOVES little kids! Another fun fact, Happy absolutely loves Applesauce!

Major Merchant – “Major”
            Another older gentleman of the barn is Major! A 27 year old chestnut Saddlebred, who came to us from William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri; he was at school when Jennifer was at school! Major teaches everyone of all ages, from beginners, to those seasoned in show. His versatility in lessons, camp, and showing makes him a wonderful and seasoned show horse addition to our lesson program! If you come to the barn, be sure to bring Major a SWEETENED ice tea from McDonalds – no ice! It’s his favorite drink of all! He can even drink it like a person does, and will tip the cup back for you; but don't let it go or else he'll try to eat the cup!!


            Copper is a 25 year old Hackney pony, we only use Copper for our much smaller riders, in lessons and camps! He is the perfect pint size for our smallest riders and has a quick little step to help them find the correct rhythm to post in the saddle. He loves to be used for grooming demonstrations, and to be petted by all.

Kangaroo Jack – “Jack”
            Jack is a 13 year old Saddlebred gelding, he has one of the smoothest canter’s in the barn and is quite flashy! He is very expressive in his motions and loves to be pushed up another gear. His hard work is always appreciated, and he can teach even the most seasoned of riders a new thing or two. 

Credit to Howard Schatzberg for the beautiful photo of Katie and Jack!

Meet Our Lesson Horses

Ever wondered about our lesson horses and their personalities? Ever wanted to meet the horses that make our lesson program so much better? Have a special bond with one horse and wanted to know something special about them? Well, we are proud to introduce our lesson horses to you!!

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